香兰,咽喉马六甲,椰子奶油是东南亚的答案的经典三香草,caramel and cream.  There are many desserts that combine these three ingredients,就像卡亚kueh礼拜但是cendol是所有三个口味介绍最基本的形式。

只有三个组件的盘(红豆是有争议的),它是什么,从本质上讲,a very simple dish.  If you get all three right,你将会得到一碗cendolthat can hold its own in any fine dining establishment.  And the best part is that it only takes less than half and hour to make!!

Very few stalls actually make the the green stuff themselves.  Most  are little more than green coloured agar agar with hardly any fragrance.  Goodcendolshould have a heady pandan fragrance which is grassy and slightly eggy.  The texture should be tender,pastey,然而,弹性和活泼。

This recipe is something I came up with after several trials using recipes from various chefs*  as well as the internet.  It isn't difficult to do and will take you 亚博体育网页about half an hour.  The only challenge is in getting your hands on acendol我终于找到新闻艾琳面包店的房子,如果你不想买cendol出版社,you can use a ladle that has holes in them.  These are used at the子字符to drain the oil from fried 亚博官网food and are available at kitchenware stores.  If you happen to have a manual food processor with large holes,你也可以用这个!!

Tepung胡恩Kueh(绿豆又名绿豆面粉)60 g
吉士粉40 g与玉米淀粉(或替代)

Wash and cut the pandan leaves and place it in a blender with 500ml water.  Blend till the leaves are all very fine and strain it to get 500ml of pandan juice.  Mix the juice,椰奶,and the rest of the ingredients in a pot and start cooking it.  Stir constantly until the mixture becomes a sticky paste.  Continue to stir the paste for 5 mins as this will make thecendolmore resilient and chewy.  Next press the paste through the cendol press into ice cold water.  Leave it in the fridge to set properly.服务与椰奶,咽喉马六甲和剃/碎冰。


试着买最好的咽喉马六甲you can.  The good ones are made of pure palm sugar and are usually softer and have a wonderful fragrance. The poor quality ones have sugar added,so they are harder and drier.  Pure palm sugar has a texture almost like toffee while the poor quality ones have sugar crystals in them.  I have bought good quality gula melaka from the Tampines Round Market (large dry good stall across from the美味的梅伊)和芽笼客店市场(Ummi法拉# 01-09)他们应该花费5美元/公斤高质量的。

糖浆,把咽喉马六甲锅,加入等量的水,煮到咽喉马六甲dissolves and becomes syrupy.  Strain to remove impurities and keep in a bottle.


UHT椰奶很好,但是如果你真的想要一个托托香港的cendol,you will need to make a trip to the wet market to buy fresh coconut milk.  UHT will keep in the fridge for a long time after opening,but fresh coconut will turn sour in 2 or 3 days.  In order to prolong the shelf life of fresh coconut milk,heat the coconut milk till you see smoke rising and small bubbles appearing (80°C-90°C)  and allow to cool.  This will kill all the bacteria which was on the outside of the coconut before they shredded it.  Adding a pinch of salt will bring out the flavour of the coconut.  1/4 tsp for 500ml of coconut milk is just 亚博体育网页about right.如果你喜欢,您可以添加一些潘丹叶子椰奶,让它陡峭。


我的妻子讨厌cendol红豆,so I didn't make it.  You know what they say:"快乐的妻子,幸福的生活!”and I plan to keep it that way.  But if you insist,go buy the ready made adzuki beans from the Japanese grocer.  That is what my culinary instructor advised me to do!!


非常精细的终极cendol刨冰是至关重要的,但是,如果你不想花额外的钱,you can crush ice in a 亚博官网food processor or blender.  I bought一个来自韩国which makes very fine shaved ice just like those outside.  It is made of plastic,所以我不知道会持续多久,but it does its job very well.  With an ice shaver,你可以冷冻椰奶和剃它额外的浓缩椰子味!!


Quality of pandan leaves vary.  If you are at the wet market,get hold of a bunch and smell it.  If you don't smell anything,go to the next stall.  The ones sold at NTUC are as good as any that I have come across in Singapore.  I have been told 亚博体育网页about the legendary pandan leaves of yesteryear which are small,slender and very fragrant.  If you know where I can buy them,请让我知道!!


The quality of this flour varies.  I have used some which result in very hard texture.  So if yourcendol出来比预期更难,you might want to reduce the amount of flour by 10g or change to another brand.  I bought a 1 kg packet of Tepung Hoon Kueh fromAlina面包店的房子which I am very happy with.  They have smaller packs on the shelves too.  But you can buyTepung胡恩Kueh在大多数地方,他们通常是作为一个汽缸大约15厘米长。亚博体育网页


Custard Powder is essentially cornflour with flavouring and colour.  This is my own innovation as I feel the slightly eggy,香草味的工作很好cendol.  You can just substitute with corn flour if you like.  Corn flour makes thecendolmore tender.  I have tried a lot of other flours like rice flour and wheat starch but in the end I settled on the combination of green bean and cornflour.


This is another of my own improvisation.  The jelly powder makes thecendol更活泼和有弹性的,rather than just pastey.  You can omit  it if you don't have it.  I bought my即时果冻粉从Phoon Huat。


的碱性水是需要添加一点咀嚼cendolas well as to maintain the lively green colour.  You can omit it if you wish.


我终于设法从源艾琳面包店的房子.  You can buy it online from Malaysia but you have to find a way to get it shipped to Singapore.   If you don't have a chendol press,就拿到任何东西3-4mm洞,按粘贴。


1.  I added some coconut milk to mycendol给它一个更令人愉快的颜色和香味。You can omit it and just substitute it with an equal amount of water.  Alternatively,you can use 600ml of the 2nd press coconut milk and omit the water altogether.  600ml of liquid is what you need.

2.  As the paste thickens,make sure you stir it thoroughly.  The paste will get thicker and more stretchy as you stir it and the resultantcendolwill have more bite.  The whole cooking process should take 亚博体育网页about 10 mins from the start.